R. Kelly Sentence Date 30 Years For Sex Trafficking

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Frustrated R&B superstar R. Kelly sentence date 30 years in prison, months after he was convicted on all nine counts in a high-profile sex trafficking case. U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly delivered the sentence in Brooklyn, New York, after several of Kelly’s victims angrily told him at the hearing.

R. Kelly Sentence Date

Prosecutors asked the judge to sentence Kelly, 55, to more than 25 years in prison, while his defense attorneys asked for 10 years or less, saying prosecutors’ request was similar equivalent to a life sentence.
Donnelly said nothing as he threw the book at the once-beloved performer.

You are a person with great advantages including worldwide fame and fame and loads of money,” she said. “You took advantage of their hopes and dreams, keeping teenagers in your home trapped. You were the head of your organization, and you raped and beat them, cut them apart. from their families and force them to do unspeakable things.”

R. Kelly in everyday life.jpg
R. Kelly in everyday life.jpg

After sentencing R. Kelly sentence date 30 years, Kelly is scheduled to appear in court in August in Chicago on federal child pornography and obstruction of justice charges. He was acquitted in 2008 for child pornography.

Some Testimonies Of The Victims

The victims who presented to the court said they hardly had any will to live during Kelly’s control.

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A woman passing by Jane Doe #2 said: “You have degraded me, humiliated me and broken my spirit.

The victim recalled an incident where she was forced to perform oral sex on Kelly “after you played basketball, in a car full of your friends.”

“Do you remember?!” she scolded Kelly, who was wearing an olive prison suit over a white long-sleeved shirt and a black mask.

“You couldn’t care more. I avoided your name and your songs and choked with fear. What you did left a permanent stain on my life.”

The victim stopped talking when she saw Kelly talking to one of his lawyers and sarcastically apologized: “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to interrupt your conversation.”

“You are an abuser, shameless, disgusting,” she added. “I hope you go to jail for the rest of your life. I feel sorry for you.”

Kelly, 55 tR. Kelly sentence date in September for fraud and violation of the Mann Act, which prohibits the carriage of persons across state lines “for any immoral purpose.”

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