What is Valentine’s day? Meaning of 3 Valentine’s Days in the year

valentine's gift

Valentine’s Day is a day where we celebrate love and Valentine’s Day tradition originated from Ancient Rome. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th, but there are actually three different types of Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day (February 14th), April 29th, October 31st. It has been said that Valentine’s Day was created to honor Saint Valentine who refused to renounce his Christian faith during the Roman Emperor Claudius II’s persecution of Christians in 269 A.D. There are many different beliefs about why this day came to be, the most common belief being that Valentine was imprisoned for performing marriages for young couples without first obtaining permission from Claudius II. He would then leave messages signed ‘from your Valentine’ inside the young couples’ wedding bands.

What is Valentine day?

Valentine’s Day (English name is Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine’s Day) is also known as Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, named after Saint Valentine – one of the first Christian martyrs. Previously, Valentine’s Day was only popular in North America and Europe, but today it is popular in nearly every country.

valentine's gift
valentine’s gift

There are many theories about the origin of Valentine’s Day, but the most accepted theory is the story of a priest named Valentine under the Roman Emperor Claudius II.

Around the 3rd century, the Roman Empire had to participate in many bloody wars and was not supported by the people. At that time, because it was difficult to get young men to join the army, Emperor Claudius II argued that Roman men did not want to leave their families or lovers, marriage only made men weak. soft. With this in mind, Claudius II banned people from holding engagements or weddings in order to focus all their energies on the war.

The king’s decree again met with opposition from many people, including the priest Valentine of Rome and St. Marius. They continue to perform wedding ceremonies for young couples in secret. Not long after, this was discovered, Father Valentine was arrested and sentenced to death by dragging and stoned to death on February 14, 273. However, on the afternoon before his execution, he sent the first “Valentine’s card” to the daughter of the jailer Asterius – a young woman born blind who was miraculously healed by him. On the card that Father Valentine sent was signed “dal Vostro Valentino” (translated as From your Valentine – from your Valentine).

Meaning of Valentine’s Day in the year

  1. Red Valentine’s Day February 14

This is a traditional Valentine’s Day known to many people on February 14. On this day, those who want to express their love to their loved ones can give gifts or give cards with their confessions. On Red Valentine’s Day, anyone can give gifts to each other, regardless of male or female.

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But unjustly, on February 14, 273 – the day he was executed, the couple could live forever together. And from then on, every year until February 14, people here call it Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day, and Bishop Valentine is considered the saint of human love. There are also places that think that Valentine’s Day is the day when girls show their love by giving the boy they secretly love and miss a gift. If that guy also loves her, he will give her a gift on March 14 – White Valentine.

Gradually, February 14 of every year became the day when couples exchanged messages of love. Saint Valentine has since become the patron saint of couples.

  1. White Valentine’s Day March 14

White Valentine’s Day originated in Japan in the 60s of the 20th century, held on March 14 every year, one month after Red Valentine’s Day took place. Many people accept this day with the meaning of reciprocating the other’s feelings if they are confessed before on February 14.

The boys will return the affection of the girl who loves them during the past time with a meaningful gift or touching words. For girls, White Valentine’s Day is probably a day “full of suspense and anticipation” because they all look forward to receiving a gift affirming their affection from the boy they love.

chocolate valentine
chocolate valentine

White Valentine’s Day was born as follows: In 1965 in Japan, a guy selling marshmallows wanted to return the love of a girl who secretly loved and missed him on Red Valentine’s Day, so he gave her a big white candy box. like snow. That is also the story of the White Day.

To this day, White Day is gradually “transformed” into White Valentine, White Day. Return day, on this day, there is nothing more meaningful than that you will repay the girl who has loved you during the past time with gifts or words that are really touching, cute and sincere. White Valentine is a day when all girls want to receive a gift in return to affirm the love of the boy they love. On this day, in Japan boys will give girls white candy or chocolate in return. In the world, boys will find ways to confess their feelings to repay the expectations and feelings of girls.

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  1. Black Valentine’s Day April 14

Black Valentine’s Day originated in Korea and usually takes place on April 14 every year. Called Black Valentine because on this day, single boys and girls will invite each other to eat black noodles. They want to affirm that even if they are still single, they are still happy.

dark soy noodles
dark soy noodles

Today, on Black Valentine’s Day, many people gather together to celebrate the singles day. So, Black Valentine is seen as a vibrant holiday instead of romantic like Red Valentine, who says single people are sad?

In fact, it is not until April 14 that young singles have the opportunity to gather and eat together. Even on the days of Red Valentine (February 14) and White Valentine (March 14), the association of singles still meets and has fun together. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed, right? In addition to the three main holidays mentioned above, in some countries around the world, there are other “14” days such as January 14 is the day of the diary (you will say goodbye to the old diary to replace it with a brand new book like a new one). a page for newer things); May 14 is rose day / golden day (you will give a single rose to the person most important to you) or June 14 is the day of kisses (you can freely kiss your lover romantically) … For those who love each other, every day is Valentine’s.

On Black Valentine’s Day, anyone can give each other gifts, as long as both the giver and the recipient are single.

In fact, whether it’s Red Valentine, White Valentine, or Black Valentine, every day has its own color and is sweet. PNJ hopes that the sharing of special messages on Valentine’s Day will help you better understand Valentine’s Day. Whether you are single or in love, don’t forget to treat yourself and your loved ones with sweet wishes and gifts!