Interesting things about Valentine’s Day in the world


You already know that Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for lovers, but did you know that Valentine’s Day in different countries will have its own interesting things? Let’s find out with Bipubunny Store.

1. Valentine in the UK – the key symbol

England was one of the first countries to have Valentine’s Day and the traditional gift that couples give each other on this day is neither roses nor chocolate, but spoons made of silver and on top of these spoons. engraved with the image of a key and a lock that symbolizes sending the key that opens the door of one’s heart to the other half.

valentine's day
valentine’s day

Today, the symbol of the key and the padlock has spread to other countries such as France, Korea, or Hungary… Couples believe that when they lock a padlock in the shape of a red heart, they throw it on their lap. The river will help lock your love.

Not only that, but in England, they also have a very lovely custom that on Valentine’s Day they will ask the babies to sing then give them candy and fruit.

2. French Valentine – Valentine’s four seasons

In France, not only Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love, it is believed that when February comes and when the birds find a mate and build a nest, it is a signal for the beginning of the “season” of Valentine.

valentine chocolate
valentine chocolate

During Valentine’s season, the French will spend all their time with their lover and do the things they like, usually, it will be a romantic dinner, a sweet movie, or walking hand in hand on the streets. French love road. In addition to giving Chocolate and red roses, couples will enjoy heart-shaped chocolate cake :3

3. Valentine Italia – Baci Perugini Chestnut Chocolate

Valentine’s Celebrations in Verona
Valentine’s Celebrations in Verona

In the past, on Valentine’s Day in Italy, men would prepare a beautiful carriage to walk with their beloved on the street. And on this Valentine’s Day, Italians will give each other a type of Chocolate called Baci Perugini chestnut wrapped in foil, and on those foils are printed love verses or confessions or messages. Famous romantic love. Perfume and diamond jewelry are also given by many people to the girl they love. Valentine is also known as the Festival of Wolves by the Italians.

4. Valentine Singapore and China

Not only on February 14, if you travel to Singapore or China on the full moon day of January, which is the Lamp Festival, but you will also see people celebrating Valentine’s Day on this occasion. At that time, lovers will burn incense to pray for Buddha, then bring back a white lily, there is a very good concept that people believe that whoever’s flower wilts first, that person is the one who loves less.

5. American Valentine– a great business occasion for shopping

Valentine’s Day makes the US a shopping paradise for extremely busy gift items and it is a great opportunity for business ideas.

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Couples in the US will celebrate Valentine at home or at dance parties, some American schools even organize Valentine for students. Electronic Valentine’s cards and online gift shopping are very popular in the US.

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Nowhere in the world is Valentine’s Day celebrated as much as in the United States. Almost like Christmas, the stores were filled with rose-colored products weeks in advance.

The seriousness that Americans take this day should not be underestimated. If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in America, you have to stock up properly.

6. Valentine Australia – not just for couples

In Australia, on Valentine’s Day, people will express their love to all the people they love such as lovers, family or friends, even singles, they also give Valentine gifts to each other.

For couples who love each other in Australia, in addition to chocolate and roses, people also have an extremely unique gift that is a marriage certificate or memorabilia of the two people’s love.

7. Japanese Valentine – Give and take

In Japan, Valentine is the day when women will give gifts to men, people will also have different types of Chocolate to give to different objects. For example, Kire Chocolate and Giri Chocolate for friends and family. show affection and respect, while Hon-mei is reserved for couples. After 1 month, on March 14, the boys will give back white chocolate to the person who gave them chocolate.

couple love
couple love

Hopefully, with the above article, you will no longer have questions about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in some countries as well as the meaning of Valentine’s Day. Wish you have a very happy Valentine’s season with your lover and single people will soon find the other half!