Some Things Amazing About Minecraft Ranboo

minecraft ranboo

Minecraft Ranboo was born in the United States on January 27, 2003, into an American family. His real name is still unknown, and he was born under the sign of Capricorn. He attended a private high school in his hometown and graduated with honors.

He is older than TommyInnit, probably younger than Tubbo, and is 198 cm tall. Minecraft Ranboo lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and was confirmed by one of his top Discord admins and Twitch Mod after posting a photo of San Francisco’s Twitch HQ. On June 3, 2021, he graduated from high school.

Until now, he has not attended university to improve his education. It was completely impossible for him to drop out of college and pursue a job on social media.

Appearance Of Minecraft Ranboo

Ranboo Merch always wears a black and white mask, sunglasses, and gloves in front of the camera. He does this as part of his online personality and to protect his privacy.

He plans to publish a partial face with 3.33 million subscribers and a full face with 5 million subscribers.

minecraft ranboo
minecraft ranboo

In July 2021, he talked about the fight against severe facial dysmorphism. This is a mental illness that affects the perception of a person’s face and causes stress, which is the main reason for covering his face and he cannot edit his video without editing it.


I said so. That means he will continue to wear his mask and glasses after the revelation. He has also requested that fans only use pictures of him with the mask and glasses for their profile pictures.

ranboo mask


On June 30, 2020, Minecraft Ranboo opened account seizures. Despite recently joining the streaming community, the streamer has risen to 6th place in the most viewed English Variety channel on the entire site.

In January 2021, during his charity live stream at his substation, he surpassed 100 thousand subscribers, breaking multiple Twitch records in the process.

Minecraft Ranboo Twitch Account
Minecraft Ranboo Twitch Account

After being attacked by Dream SMP players on the broadcast, his popularity skyrocketed, and he was later invited to join Dream’s server.

On his main Twitch channel, he currently has over 3.3 million followers, with an average of 100k viewers per stream. His second channel, which he uses for more “interesting” streaming, has about 382k subscribers and an average viewership of 65k per stream.

Minecraft Ranboo’s Development

Minecraft Ranboo quickly established himself by posting on TikTok and reached 200 YouTube subscribers on the first day he posted the content.

On September 25, a few days after starting streaming, Minecraft Ranboo was ambushed by Punz with 5,000 attackers.

The Punz robbery allowed Ranboo to gain more followers and, over time, talk to other well-known Minecraft streamers such as Eret and Nihachu.

Then, on November 27, 2020, he made great strides when he announced in-stream chat that he was running for president of Dream SMP nation L`Manberg, even if he wasn’t on the server…

Minecraft Ranboo was ambushed by Ph1LzA and Fundy (two popular streamers in Dream SMP) during this stream, and Dream invited him to the server.

Ranboo managed to reach 1 million YouTube subscribers in January 2021 and within a few months became one of SMP’s most popular YouTubers.

Minecraft Ranboo In Dream SMP

Ranboo was invited to Dream SMP on November 27, 2020. On the second day at the server, Minecraft Ranboo helped TommyInnit burn George’s house. This is the event that Tommy went into exile from Ramberg. This caught Ranboo in the story of the server, and he started working on his character later that night.

Minecraft Ranboo In Dream SMP
Minecraft Ranboo In Dream SMP

Minecraft Ranboo plays an enderman hybrid character who is suffering from memory loss. His character also has a sleepwalking-like condition called “Ender Walk,” in which he behaves more like an enderman and has memory loss after waking up from the condition. He is currently trying to find out more about the state of his enderwalk and how to stop it.

Minecraft Ranboo’s “Lower Stream” is SMP’s most popular, and the character’s writing and accompanying acting often reach more than 100,000 live viewers. Its highly complex character influences the creation of the entire server, influences other creators on the server, and flesh out the character by adding various details such as backstories and unique abilities. increase.

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