Pink Floyd closing a chapter of British music history

Pink Floyd Closing a chapter of British music history

Why is Pink Floyd so famous?

With philosophical lyrics, musical explorations and a blend of light and sound creating a whole new, unmistakable style, Pink Floyd has become one of the band’s most successful rock music of all time, selling 200 million albums worldwide, of which 74.5 million were sold in the United States.

Contributing to that success is Richard Wright. However, he is a rather quiet person, the least “popular” in the public.

Richard Wright himself did not understand later, why Pink Floyd was so successful. For example, he can’t explain Dark Side’s incredible longevity – the album spent 741 weeks on the Billboard charts and the band’s incredible fan support. The album The Wall (1979) also stayed at number one for 15 weeks, selling 23 million copies and becoming the 3rd best-selling CD of all time. “I know we’ve put out some great songs, but I can’t explain why the band is so popular,” Richard told Billboard magazine last year. Pink Floyd closing a chapter of British music history

Why Pink Floyd is the greatest band ever?

Richard William Wright was born on July 28, 1943 in Hatch End, North West London, loved music since childhood but was initially interested in classical and jazz music. Growing up, Richard studied Architecture at Polytechnic College London. There he met Roger Waters and Nick Mason. Together they formed the band Sigma 6. He is a co-founder of Pink Floyd – one of the greatest bands in the world, died on September 15 from cancer, he was 65 years old.

About 6 months later, the band added Syd Barrett and it was Syd Barrett who proposed to change the band’s name from Sigma 6 to Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd Closing a chapter of British music history
Pink Floyd Closing a chapter of British music history

Wright was a self-taught musician, practicing to play the piano himself, but he made decisive contributions to the “musical look” of Pink Floyd. He is the composer of typical Pink Floyd songs such as Us and Them or The Great Gig in the Sky.

Among Wright’s, most famous songs is Wish you were here, a worldwide hit. He is also the co-writer of Shine On You Crazy Diamond, which is also a brand song for Pink Floyd from the second album topping the chart titled Wish You Were Here.

Throughout Pink Floyd’s history of ups and downs with many breakups and reunions, although Wright was initially considered the main member of the band, he never reached the star mind like Barrett, Waters or David Gilmour, who in the late 1970s joined Pink Floyd to replace “drug leader” Syd Barrett. Simply because he does not like “dispute”.

Why did Pink Floyd fire Richard Wright?

David Gilmour in an interview that Wright has made an “essential” contribution to Pink Floyd’s music and that “surely Rick (only Wright) will get more attention”. , if he fought more for his role in the band”. Wright’s failure to do so also says a lot about the artist’s character. “He was only interested in the music, not in the ‘me’ that music could create for him,” Gilmour said.

Wright himself in the early 1980s, after Pink Floyd released the legendary album The Wall, left the band due to a collision with Waters. However, he was unsuccessful in his solo career. Wright released two solo albums, Wet Dreams (1978) and Broken China (1996), but neither entered the Billboard Top 200.

It was not until 1987, after Waters left the group, that he was pulled back into the band by David Gilmour and with Mason they continued to have successful performing years into the mid-1990s. Then the band ” sleep peacefully”.

Since then, fans have still hoped that one day Pink Floyd would reunite, especially after the band had once back together in 2005 on the Live 8 show.

But then, in 2006, Syd Barrett died, and Roger Waters was still determined to break the old band. Now when it’s Wright’s turn to “close his eyes”, the hope of having the opportunity to hear the legendary band Pink Floyd perform has really been dashed.

Pink Floyd concert
Pink Floyd concert

One of Pink Floyd’s most successful albums was Dark Side of The Moon, released in 1973. It was the clearest expression of the band’s undeniable talent, with Roger Waters serving as a lyricist. and David Gilmour is the top guitarist. 1979 marked the birth of the album The Wall, a massive and best-selling work. The song “Another Brick In The Wall” hit number one in the UK charts at the time.

Perhaps that was the peak of Pink Floyd’s career, after that, although there were works that ranked quite high, Pink Floyd could no longer keep the same form as before. The 1983 album The Final Cut was considered boring. Up to this point, the disintegration of Pink Floyd has been hidden by no one.


In fact, in 1987, two members, Mason and Gilmour, collaborated to perform under the name Pink Floyd, but when it comes to this band, people still only remember the glory years in the 60s and 70s. of the 20th century. And Pink Floyd’s records from that time are still selling well. Clearly, Pink Floyd closing a chapter of British music history has come to an end.