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Pink Floyd was a rock band that was known for their psychedelic twist on rock music. Pink Floyd was formed in London in 1965. The band was a group of students, which consisted of Nick Mason, Richard Wright, Sid Barrett, and Roger Waters. Roger Waters and Nick Mason were both attending the London Polytechnic School. The two were studying archit. They started playing music, then Richard Wright joined the duo, and they were called the Sigma 6. Sid Barrett joined the trio in 1964. The band changed their name to Pink Floyd in 1966. In 1967, Pink Floyd signed with EMI record label. Their first single was, “Arnold Layne”, which was released on March 10, 1967. The second single that was released by Pink Floyd was called, “See Emily Play”, which was released in June of that same year. Pink Floyd released their album in 1967. The album quickly reached number six on the music charts in the United Kingdom, and stayed there for almost three months. The album was called, “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn”. Sid Barrett started using LSD during this time, and it started to show with his behavior and music. Pink Floyd was scheduled to do a concert at the UFO club, but when the band got on stage Sid just stood there, and the tour had to be cancelled. December of that year the band decided it was time to replace Sid Barrett, and he was replaced with David Gilmour. In 1971, Pink Floyd began working on a new album. The band recorded “The Dark Side of the Moon”, which was released in 1973. The album was a huge success in the UK and the United States. It stayed on the Billboard chart at number one for nearly three months, and number two on the UK charts for almost a year. “The Dark Side of the Moon” is the world’s second best-selling album ever produced. Pink Floyd continue to release albums. In 1978, “The Wall”, which sold over twenty three million copies in the United States. Relate: Sid Barrett passed away on July 7, 2006. Richard Wright passed away on September 15, 2008 with cancer. David Gilmore and Nick Mason went back and found sessions of the band from the seventies, and created an album called, “The Endless River”. “The Endless River” is a tribute to Rick Wright. The album was released on November 10, 2014. Pink Floyd fans can remember the original band members with the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon 1972 Tour T-Shirt. The Pink Floyd tee shirt is the North American Tour that occurred in 1972. The front of the t-shirt features the Pink Floyd design that is on the album, “Pink Floyd”, and the back of the tee shirt features the cities of the tour and the dates. The Pink Floyd Tour T-Shirt is a great piece of history for Pink Floyd fans. The iconic pyramid design represented ambition. The Pink Floyd tee shirts can be worn by fans to show their loyalty to the band and their music. has Pink Floyd t-Shirts | Vintage Rock Tee Shirts with great prices make this a great time to stock up on vintage inspired tee shirt designs from BipuBunny Store.