Top 5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Ranboo Minecraft

Ranboo Face Youtube
   Ranboo Minecraft is an American Minecraft streamer who is a member of the Minecraft server DreamSMP. In front of the camera, Rambu always wears a black and white mask, sunglasses, and gloves.
   He does this as part of his online personality and also to protect his privacy. He will show the full face when he reaches 5 million subscribers, depending on whether he is comfortable enough or when he reaches a milestone.
   Do you love Ranboo Minecraft? If so, you’re in for a treat! In this blog post, we will share five interesting facts about Ranboo that you probably didn’t know.
   Ranboo is an amazing creator and his videos continue to entertain and engage viewers from around the world.
   Did you know that he has his own holiday? That’s right! The 26th of each month is “National Ranboo Day.” Be sure to celebrate by watching some of Ranboo’s best videos!

   Ranboo is also a big supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and his channel has a large number of viewers who identify as such. In fact, Ranboo Minecraft created a video in collaboration with It Gets Better that has received over one million views. Ranboo Minecraft is also working on an alternate reality game based on his character in the Dream Survival-Multiplayer (“SMP”). The game is currently in development and gamers can expect to play it soon.

   Ranboo was recently featured on the D&D Podcast, “Just Roll With It.” He shared some great insights about his channel and gave listeners a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be a creator on YouTube.

   Finally, did you know that Ranboo wanted to work at Taco Bell? It’s true! Ranboo Minecraft has always been a big fan of tacos and he even created a video about it. Be sure to check out all of Ranboo’s amazing content and learn more about this incredible creator. Thanks for reading!

1. The 26th of every month is

National Ranboo Minecraft Day
National Ranboo Minecraft Day


   On November 26, 2020, Rambu said he would run for president of L`Manberg, although he was not a member of the server at the time. Then Ph1LzA and Fundy hijacked his stream and Clay “Dream” invited him to the server that day. Ranboo is currently celebrating the 26th of the month to commemorate his invitation to Dream Survival Multiplayer. In particular, this started his career as a streamer, allowing him to continue what he likes to this day.

2. Many viewers of Ranboo are LGBTQ +

   Online polls show that 38,825 of the total 46,678 viewers who voted are members of the LGBTQ + community. This result means that more than 83% of Ranboo’s viewers come from the LGBTQ community. That percentage is very large, but I think it’s correct given the shared gender gag, but some of his transgender and non-binary fans jokingly ask him.
   This joke refers to a phenomenon called “gender envy.” This means that you want to be gender like someone else, or you want to share gender expressions. Rambu is fully aware and embracing his community, especially those who are experiencing gender envy from him. I’m trying to explain this phenomenon to Tubbo.
Ranboo Minecraft LGBTQ +
Ranboo Minecraft LGBTQ +

3. Ranboo wanted to work at Taco Bell

   Ranboo states that if streaming didn’t work this way, he would probably be working at Taco Bell. Live, he said: Had streaming not worked, I would have worked at Taco Bell. Even if streaming didn’t work, that was my plan. It was my plan to work at Taco Bell. I needed some income … Bum! He goes on to say that he really wants a Taco Bell shirt.

4. Ranboo creates an alternate reality game based on the characters of Dream SurvivalMultiplayer (“SMP“).

Ranboo Minecraft Character
Ranboo Minecraft Character
   On March 16, 2021, Ranboo announced the development of an alternate reality game (“ARG”) based on the characters of Dream SurvivalMultiplayer (“SMP”). This alternate reality game follows a researcher’s journal entry named Z as investigators seek to dig deeper into the “Ender Walk State.”
   Ranboo circulates clues across different platforms and accounts so viewers can guess when, where, and next. The mystery is displayed. The available clues have already been compiled, but the elusive enderwalk state has not yet been resolved.

5. He was featured on the D & D podcast Just Roll With It.

   Ranboo was actually featured in several episodes of a podcast starring Charlie “Slimecicle” Dalgleish, another member of Dream SurvivalMultiplayer (“SMP”). In this podcast, he plays the character Clorten, a dragon fighter who loves wealth and gambling. As an additional bonus, he wears the pink suit he once wore as a secondary purpose in one of his regular streams throughout all three episodes of the podcast.
There were five fun things about hot streamers-Ranboo, I hope you find it interesting and useful to you. 
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